Professional profile

I am a skilled and experienced writing instructor with specific expertise in teaching creative writing, academic writing, language and literacy at the university level. I confidently employ a variety of teaching methodologies and information technology tools, in both physical and virtual classrooms, to fulfil the needs and learning styles of a broad spectrum of students. My key expertise is in working with English speakers of other languages, but I am able to design and deliver learning experiences to meet the needs of disparate students within the same cohort. I create simple yet extraordinary learning experiences, driven by my passion for the written word and the world of stories, which transform students into expressive, persuasive, and confident writers and communicators who go on to succeed in their chosen studies.

Expertise and Interests


I believe that, as a teacher, I am also a motivator. In a paper for University of Cambridge ESOL Research Notes, I explored the complexities of motivation in students and the role of a teacher as a motivator. I explored the potential for explicit goal-setting behavior and promissory obligations to help motivate students towards achieving their study goals.


I’ll tell you more about this soon.

Creative Writing

I’ll tell you more about this soon.

Expository Writing

I’ll tell you more about this soon.

I am experienced and skilled at teaching academic literacy and expository writing.

In my role as Subject Coordinator of a range of enabling subjects for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Charles Sturt University (CSU) Australia, I have written and/or co-written, compiled, delivered, coordinated, administered and developed the following subjects: Writing at University, Grammar Essentials for Writing at University, and Transition from TAFE/VET to University. These subjects aim to introduce students, in the first instance, to academic culture and literacy and then to teach critical thinking, reading and note-taking skills, thesis writing skills, skills in organizing ideas logically and coherently, as well as an understanding of formality, complexity, grammar, punctuation and referencing. The following video is an example of an online lecture for Essay Writing course delivered online via the Blackboard platform.

What Students Have Said

Ben said

The thought of writing academic essays was daunting. I decided to find out what was expected and prepare myself and get some practical advice by doing an academic writing weekend workshop… This workshop helped me achieve a HD and a D in my first ever university subjects!

Alex said

The workshop held recently for the subject Writing at University was action-packed and fast-paced. Although it was intensive, students were left with tips, tricks and resources needed to enhance their academic writing skills. Delivered by Kathryn Koromilas, who was welcoming, energetic, and knowledgeable, the workshop was very interactive.

Daniel said

I just got the first decent mark for an essay in several years doing Information Studies, and it’s thanks to the workshops you ran this semester. Understanding what’s expected of me, after years without studying, really made the difference.

Sally said

You have put me on track to write a reasonable essay/report for university.Your presentation was invigorating and has stimulated me to develop the knowledge gained.

Michelle said

Your spirit and presentation style connected with the learning part of my brain YES! It is sinking in…Thank you for lecturers like you who are committed to sharing and educating.

Sarah said

You’re awesome! Can I take you home? (For tutorial purposes.)

Jodie said

I can’t tell you how much I loved doing this course!

Darren said

Thank you for putting together a terrific course, this definitely helped me through my first semester and it is safe to say i’ll never look at language the same way again. Your enthusiasm for the subject was obvious in the videos which kept the topics interesting and enjoyable, thank you!

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