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Who am I

Hi, I’m Kathryn Koromilas. Author. Speaker. Coach.

a Biography

Kathryn Koromilas is an author, writing instructor, ghostwriter, speaker, and coach.

Kathryn has composed everything from novels and poetry to travel guides and opinionsShe is the author of Palimpsest, published in Australia in 2010. Her short story The Happy House was commissioned by Open Book, published in Unbound, and discussed on the Open Book Unbound Podcast. Her personal essay about ageing was commissioned by Metro UK

Kathryn studied English literature and philosophy at the University of Sydney. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (English, philosophy, performance studies); a Graduate Diploma in Education; and a Master of Philosophy in Creative Writing (Adelaide University, supervisor Brian Castro). 


Kathryn has a background in academia, teaching academic writing at Charles Sturt University, Australia. She was an English professor at Bentley University and MCPHS University in Boston USA. Previously, she taught English as a Second Language at Australian Migrant English Service and at Australian Institute of Professional Education. 

Writing and Creative Writing Instruction

Kathryn has taught grammar and writing to everyone from beginning English language learners to PhD students. 

Kathryn has also created and delivered workshops on meditative writing, memory writing, obituary writing.

She is a Scottish Book Trust listed author, is a member of Federation of Writers (Scotland), and leads creative writing and reading workshop for Open Book


As a ghostwriter, Kathryn ghostwrites memoirs for StoryTerrace. She regards memoir-writing as essential therapy for the soul and is especially interested in working with difficult stories. 


As a coach, Kathryn uses ancient wisdom and writing practices to help you reignite creativity, reimagine purpose, and foster a thriving writing practice. 

Kathryn understands that most problems that writers face are not technical or craft problems but personality or psychological problems, such as self-doubt, lack of confidence, fear, anxiety, and impostor syndrome. 

Kathryn hosts Writers’ Hour, a place to write in community, and the helps to manage London Writers’ Salon where she is also part of the coaching team. 

Kathryn would love to work with you on a book or any writing project. Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, Kathryn understands that every story lives in our own personal experiences and she’d love to help you find the story you need to write and find the best way to write it. 


She was previously an arts, travel, and entertainment journalist, based in Greece and Spain. She wrote for Athens News, Greece Now, Odyssey, and Fodor’s. 

She has interviewed many, many authors, artists, and musicians for the pages of these publications, including Nobel-prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter, philosopher Jacques Derrida, novelist Jeffrey Eugenides, particle physicist Maria Spiropulu, and jazz musicians Kelvin Sholar and Bruce Mississippi Johnson. 

Personal Notes

Kathryn was born and raised in the inner suburbs of Sydney and has since lived in Greece, Spain, UK, USA, and China. She currently resides in a small cottage by Loch Ryan in southwest Scotland which she shares with her husband and German Shepherd, Henrietta.

She has eclectic tastes in the arts and has read everything from Plato to Georges Perec to Jodi Picoult and listens to everything from Prokofiev to Pearl Jam.

Her interest in living an examined life has led her to be a lifelong student of philosophy and recently exploring the philosophies of Stoicism and Buddhism. In 2017, she founded The Stoic Salon where she meets with like-minded and life-hearted souls to read and write with the Stoics. In 2021, she co-founded Paths to Flourishing with philosopher Brittany Polat to give a stronger voice to women in Stoicism. 

Kathryn is also a licensed End-of-Life Planning facilitator and helps people prepare for a good death, and life. This means everything from wills and choices about end-of-life care to preparing a funeral and writing a memoir, obituary, and eulogy. 

Kathryn is an advocate for animal rights and plant-based living. 

s Awards

MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (start 2022)

Master of Philosophy in Creative Writing, 2016

Postgraduate Diploma in Education, English, 1994

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature and Philosophy, 1991

Certificate 2 in Counselling Skills

Journal Therapy Diploma

Certificates in mental health understanding

u Publications

NOVEL:  Palimpsest

MPHIL THESIS:  This is Not a Love Story

OPINION:  The New York Times

STORY:  The Happy House

PODCAST:  The Stoic Salon

ESSAY:  Metro UK

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