The Stoic Salon

The Stoic Salon is an online and global community dedicated to reading, writing and flourishing with Stoicism. 

The Stoic Salon is the home of: 

The Stoic Salon lives in a dedicated space on Slack, a messaging platform. In 2022, we migrated away from Facebook search of a space ‘far from the madding crowd.’ Slack takes a little getting used to but we’ll support you so you can settle in quickly and join in. 

Interviews, Presentations, Workshops


On Stoicism, Creativity, Death Contemplation, & Journaling with the Stoics


The Stoic Salon Podcast

We meet in a flourishing virtual café. We chat about life, love, work, play, the universe, and Stoicism.

Guests include Professor Christopher Gill, Professor Nancy Sherman, Sharon Lebell, Karen “Duff” Duffy, and Brittany Polat.