I’m Kathryn – Author, Speaker, Educator, Stoic, and Optimist.

Kathryn Koromilas is a writer and educator. She is the author of Palimpsest, holds a Master of Philosophy degree in Creative Writing, and leads The Heroine Salon, a “writing for personal transformation” project and The Stoic Salon, a “writing for personal resilience riting-for-wellness project and

As a writer, Kathryn has composed everything from novels and poetry to travel guides and opinions. As an educator, she’s taught writing at universities in Australia and the United States and taught English as an additional language in China, Greece, Spain, and Australia.

More recently, she’s lead workshops on Stoic journaling, memory writing, self-obituary writing, and personal narrative re-writing as a way towards self-healing and self-transformation.

She employs a variety of teaching methodologies and information technology tools, in both physical and virtual classrooms, to fulfil the needs and learning styles of a broad spectrum of learners of all ages.

She creates simple yet extraordinary education experiences, driven by her curiosity for the written word and the transformative power of stories.

She is an experienced and entertaining speaker, conference presenter, panellist, and podcast guest.

Her current writing projects include a memoir, a crime novel, and a guide to Stoic journaling.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

Is there a story you wish to write?